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Welcome to KwakLab.

We study the regulation of human gene expression. In particular, we are interested in…

  • identifying regulatory regions of the genome and how their variations impact phenotypes in human population,
  • how RNAs are further modified and distributed in the cytoplasm to tune gene expression,
  • genome-wide analysis of RNA and DNA in single cells.

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Our Nature Protocols paper is out

Our Nature Protocols paper on PRO-seq is now published. Link to the paper online.

Good luck to Anna

Anna goes to grad school at Berkeley and will move to California. Thank you Anna for being in our lab. Good luck to you.

Destini joins the lab

Destini Gibbs joins our lab for undergraduate research! Welcome!

Yumi joins our lab.

Dr. Yumi Woo joined our lab. Welcome!

First Drop-seq

2.23.16 w Dr. Bae Ferret Brain 1 tsneWe got our first single cell Drop-seq libraries. This was done in collaboration with Dr. Byoung-il Bae from Yale University investigating the brain development in ferrets that model human brain better than mice. Thanks to all!



This summer, July 15-17 2016, there will be the LisFest here in Ithaca to celebrate John Lis. His lab has been here in Cornell for over thirty years, and John was recently elected as the member of the National Academy of Science. Former Lis lab members, colleagues, collaborators and friends are gathering together to celebrate his career.

Check out for more information.

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